What is Tokyo Vegefood Festa?

Tokyo Vegefood Festa is a food court style annual event with around 100 food stands and shops etc., providing various vegefood related foods and goods including environmentally friendly products.
We started this outdoor event with the title “Tokyo International Vegefood Cuture Fair” at Yoyogi Park in 2006 and renamed it as “Tokyo Vegefood Festa” in 2009 to make it friendly to wider range of people.

About Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2015

Date:Oct 17(sat)and 18(sun)10:00~17:00
Organizer: Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2015 Executive Committee, in Non-profit Organization Veg-Culture Network
Venue: Keyaki Namiki St.,The Yoyogi Park,Tokyo (See the Venue page for access)

I never knew vegan food was so tasty!

All the food at Tokyo Vegefood Festa is
vegan (made from plant-based ingredients only).
Yes, Tokyo’s largest vegan food event,
with around 100 stalls and 35,000 visitors expected,
is coming to Yoyogi Park again this year.
Drop by with friends, family or someone special and
enjoy some delicious, healthy vegan food!!



All kinds of stalls

You will find a variety of stalls at Tokyo Vegefood Festa . As well as well-known macrobiotic cafes, we will have vendors offering organic vegetables, vegan food, raw food, and natural and fair trade variety goods, among other things. Have a chat with stall owners and find your favorite vegan food.

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Much more than buying food!

In addition to all the stalls on offer, the event will feature workshops, stage talk shows, and other fun attractions. With something too for the kids, Tokyo Vegefood Festa in Yoyogi Park is the perfect place to take the family.

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What is VegeFood?

VegeFood is vegan food which is made from plant-based ingredients only. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also rice, cereals, seaweed, and bean products. Many traditional Japanese dishes, including Shojin Ryori, are actually vegan.

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Benefits of Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet offers the following benefits.

1. Environmentally friendly
Producing plant-based foods causes less harm to the environment.
2. Healthier
A plant-based diet is healthier and would help decrease healthcare expenditure.
3. Respect for life
Veganism is about respect for life, including that of animals.
4. Antiallergic food
Can be enjoyed by many people with allergies because animal products account for
approximately 70% of dietary allergens.
5. International
With vegan food, it is easier to cater for people with various dietary restrictions
from different countries. It also brings people of the world together.